As an audio journalist, I have mainly specialized in daily stories for Morning Edition and All Things Considered. However, I have dipped my toes into long form features with nuance and soundscapes. Here are my highlights.


First Days In America: Between Two Countries

Wences Blanquet was only four years old when he illegally crossed the Mexican border into California. Student reporter Paolo Zialcita recently interviewed Blanquet, a Reno resident, for NPR’s Next Generation Radio Program to learn more about his first days in America.


Nevada To Battle Over School Choice

With midterm elections quickly approaching, some voters are concerned with how the next state government will fix public schools. Some argue the system is in dire need of funding, others say schools need more competition and that the state should support school choice. As KUNR’s Paolo Zialcita reports, the debate over education takes an important role in this election cycle.


On International Beer Day, A Look Into Connecticut's Craft Beer Scene

Friday marks International Beer Day, a global celebration of local breweries and bars. Connecticut Public Radio’s Paolo Zialcita talked to a local brewer to find out more about Connecticut’s beer culture.