About Me

I spent my childhood running around San Jose, CA and exploring the incredible San Francisco Bay Area, before moving to Reno, NV for college. There, I earned a dual degree in journalism and sociology, graduating in May 2019.

I’m currently based out of Washington D.C., where I’m interning for National Public Radio. I’m probably passing my spare time by visiting the various museums or solving crossword puzzles in a coffee shop.

I’ve worked at Connecticut Public Radio through the Dow Jones News Fund, and later at KUNR Public Radio. My work has been shared by KQED, Rhode Island Public Radio, Yale University, The Nevada Sagebrush, and more. I also directed a documentary about the cultural destruction of Reno’s Chinese population, which has been screened at several film festivals across the nation.

I’m passionate about holding powerful people accountable and elevating the voices of the underrepresented.

I have dreams of writing an Oscar winning screenplay or scoring the winning goal at a World Cup. But, in the meantime, I use journalism to satisfy my creative urges.